Work with Me

Option 1: 4-Week Business Start-Up Accelerator

Ready to start your business?

Coming Fall of 2023! Have no idea where to begin? Lots of ideas and buried in overwhelm? In this progressive, private 4-week coaching program I’ll meet you exactly “where you are”. We’ll generate momentum and shift ideation into creation in a planned, systematic, stress-free way. Your future success lies in the power of your systems from day 1, or recalibrating asap if you’re currently struggling. Set a strong foundation and build your confidence as you put your foot on the gas pedal and speed towards establishing your dream business.
Best for: Pre-business ownership, new business owners, and flailing business owners

Option 2: Self-paced Courses

DIY: Unimaginable results.

Coming Fall of 2023! Get it done with DIY self-paced study. These courses are built with the go-getter in mind! Review the library and choose your specific course(s) a-la-carte, or purchase an All Access Membership and get the entire suite plus perks. As a business owner, learning never stops. Join today.
Best for: Business owners at all ages and stages whose desire is to keep moving the needle

Option 3: Pricing Overhaul™️ Certification

Pricing Overhaul™️ Academy. Does this sound like you?

You would love to help other business owners overhaul their pricing and make considerably more money.
You have a natural aptitude for numbers and love checklists, spreadsheets, and formulas (or you’re willing to learn!)
You have an encouraging personality.
You’d like to make extra money on the side as a Pricing Overhaul™️ coach. Or, you could see yourself coaching full-time.
Perhaps you already work in a coaching or business/finance related profession (business coach, bookkeeper, accountant, tax preparation, financial planner, etc.) and you’d like to add a new credential to your resume.
Apply to become a Pricing Overhaul™️ coach today. Certification launches June 15 2023.

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