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Private Option: 6-Session Sprint Start-Up Accelerator

Let’s start your business.

You have a million ideas yet are unable to execute? Or have you stopped and started too many times to count? You need an experienced guide.
In this private coaching program we’ll generate momentum, and I’ll hold you accountable.
Your success lies in your ability to make a plan, and to take action. Build a solid foundation, execute, and speed towards hitting your start-up goals. These are the actions you NEED to implement for sustained success:
Step 1: Establish your “Why?” and get focused.
Step 2: Set your goals and build your systems.
Step 3: Take aligned action.

Cost: 30-minute intro consult is free/6-session Accelerator is $3,000
Program includes: six 1-1 virtual meetings, Voxer coaching, and supplemental resources specialized to your needs

Built for: Ideal for those who need 1:1 work, for pre-business ownership and new business owners who are ready to DO THIS NOW

Group Option: Launch Your Business 3-month Membership

There is never a “perfect” time – do it NOW.

Dreaming big but STILL buried in overwhelm? The best day to begin chasing your dreams was yesterday. The second best day is today. You need accountability partners.
Join my group coaching program where you’ll learn that your success lies in the power of your ability to execute with consistency, and in your systems. Set a strong foundation and build your confidence as you put your foot on the gas pedal. These are the actions you NEED to implement for business start-up success:
Step 1: Assess where you are today and where you want to be this year. 
Step 2: Tackle your nagging mindset blocks and (finally!) master time management.
Step 3: Refine your plan(s), develop your systems, measure what matters, create efficiencies, take repeated aligned action.

Cost: 30-minute FREE consult/Monthly auto pay is $600 per month/PIF is $1500
Program includes: Weekly group coaching calls, group Voxer coaching, private Facebook group, specialized resources for one full quarter of the year

Built for: Ideal for DIY with added community/accountability, for pre-business ownership and new business owners 


Yoga & Wellness Support

Your success ultimately depends on you.

Here’s the truth: you won’t achieve big things without prioritizing your physical and mental fitness. Practice for just 10 minutes in my stress relief breathing classes, or up to 60 minutes in full on flow or restorative practice – and everything in between. Try out various types and durations of mind/body/mindfulness classes on your own schedule with moi, but in your own space.

The class catalog(s) are built uniquely into two special sub-categories:
“Yoga for Basic Adulting” (general programs) and
“Yoga for First Responders” (special interests, unique needs)

Built for: High performing people seeking effective and fun on-the-go (online) mind/body/wellness classes


A wise girl knows her limits. A smart girl knows she has none.

Marilyn Monroe