Work with Me

Option 1: 4-Week Pricing Overhaul

A makeover for your business’s pricing model

Now available! Book your initial consult here! A progressive private 4-week consulting program where you and I will completely makeover your business’s pricing model to guarantee profitability and develop a strategy to roll out your new model. Let’s crush the limiting belief that you are bad at math; do not let where you are hold you back from where you could be. This is for women who like moving quickly without looking back. Best for: any entrepreneuress looking to slay her numbers and (finally!) find financial freedom

Option 2: 60-day Biz Start-Up Accelerator

Ready to start your business?

Coming Summer 2022! Have no idea where to begin? Lots of ideas and buried in overwhelm? In this 60-day private coaching program, I’ll meet you exactly “where you are”. We will generate momentum and shift ideation into creation. Together, you and I will take you right to the starting line in a planned, systematic, stress-free way. Build your confidence as you put your foot on the gas pedal and speed towards establishing your dream business.
Best for: Pre-biz ownership, and new-to-new-ish business owners

Option 3: 3-month S/G/E Program

Take control of your business today

Coming Summer 2022! Over the course of 3 months, you and I will dive deep into your business’s systems, practices, strategies, and beyond for max freedom and profitability. You own the business, it does not own you. Not feeling that way just yet? S=Stabilize G=Grow E=Expand in this dynamic, intentional and progressive business coaching program. This program is the full monty for the female entrepreneur wanting to blow the doors off anything she’s done before. Look in the mirror and say it proud, because woman, you got this. And I’ve got you, every step of the way. Best for: Business owners, new through experienced (not built for pre-biz ownership)

Option 4: VIP 3-Day Mastermind

Three days. Unimaginable results.

Coming Fall 2022! Get it done with a VIP 3-Day Mastermind. Receive 3-months’ worth of my coaching in three focused days. Your business, plus three others on the same journey will come together. Empowered women, empowering each other. Intimate, customized, hands-on coaching. Relationship, accountability, progress. Power-up your business in just three unforgettable days. Best for: Business owners at all ages and stages INCLUSIVE of newbies 100% ready to get after it

A wise girl knows her limits. A smart girl knows she has none.

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