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Private Option: 6-Session Accelerator

Let’s grow your brick-and-mortar business.

Maybe you’re overwhelmed? Feeling a bit alone in the stress of it all? Are you paying yourself generously? Heck, are you even 10% profitable? Still working IN (not ON) your business too many hours to count? Struggling to focus on any real growth plans? You need an experienced guide who understands the unique demands of owning a brick-and-mortar business, and how to tackle them.

Your success lies in your ability to make a reliable plan, and to take consistent intentional action. Build a better foundation, execute, and speed towards hitting your goals in this private coaching program. I’ll hold you accountable. These are the actions you NEED to take for sustained business success:
Step 1:  Establish your “Why?” and get (re)focused.
Step 2: (Re)build or create your business systems to stabilize operations.
Step 3: Take intentional action, over and over again, towards a clearly defined target.

Cost: 30-minute intro conversation is complimentary/6-session Accelerator is $3,000
Program includes: six 1-1 virtual meetings over 12 weeks, Voxer coaching, and supplemental resources specialized to your needs

Built for: Brick-and-mortar owners who are ready to stabilize and grow NOW

Group Option: 3-month Membership

Make your brick-and-mortar your dream business today.

Living the dream isn’t always how you envisioned it, right? Owning a brick-and-mortar business can be tough. Your 9-5 friends support you but don’t really get it. You need to GET IN THE ROOM with accountability partners who are “in it” every day.
Join my group coaching program. Learn that the power of your ability to tweak plans, be nimble, move forward with consistency – INSIDE of your systems and with a COMMUNITY THAT HOLDS YOU ACCOUNTABLE matters. Build your confidence AS YOU execute.
*Honestly assess where you are today and where you want to be this year (and for the next 5 years).
*Tackle your mindset blocks and finally master your time usage (this is HUGE).
*Refine your plan(s), invigorate your systems, measure what matters, create efficiencies, take repeated and imperfect aligned action.
The best day to tackle your hardest things was yesterday. The second best day is today.

Cost: 30-minute complimentary conversation/Monthly auto pay is $500 per month/OR PIF is $1200
Program includes: Weekly group coaching calls, group Voxer coaching, private Facebook group, specialized resources for one full quarter of the year

Built for: Ideal for DIY inclusive of a supportive, interactive community (exclusively for brick-and-mortar business owners)


High Performer Wellness Support

Your success ultimately depends on you.

Here’s the truth: you won’t achieve big things in life without prioritizing your physical and mental fitness. Mic drop. Jump into my stress relief breathing classes for just 10 minutes, or move your body up to 60 minutes in full on mobility/flexibility classes or in a restorative practice – and many things in between. Try out various types and durations of mind/body/mindfulness classes on your own schedule with moi, but in your own space.

Built for: High performing people seeking effective and fun on-the-go (online) mind/body/wellness classes

High performers are not born; they are conditioned by habit.

Brendon Burchard